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"The-The shorthand is the Butterfly Effect. A butterfly can flap its wings in Peking and in Central Park, you get rain instead of sunshine."

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breakman said: It’s been slower than usual but other than that, works fine on this end.

Must be just me then. I tried to get on it a few days ago and it had to update and ever since the update it either freezes on the PlayStation Store Logo or gives me a error code. I’ll have to look into it.

Thanks for the info though. :)

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Can we please stop making fun of people who are over 20 and are still virgins

Can we please stop making fun of people who are not interested in sex/are repulsed by sex

Can we please stop making fun of people who aren’t interested in a sexual or romantic relationship

Can we please stop making tv shows about virgins trying to lose their virginity like it’s a leech upon their life destroying all of their goals and opportunities?

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So, like, has anyone else been having issues getting on to the PlayStation Store the past few days or is it just me?


Protecting your honor is a full time job. 

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Rose Tyler Appreciation Week

↳ day six: the arc you loved the most

After being shown a ‘better way of living your life’ by the Doctor in Series 1, Rose’s arc continues as she begins to become a hero in her own right. Albeit with a shaky (but  courageous nonetheless!) start, Rose steadily gains independence and success in her travels, improving her investigative, problem-solving and leadership skills. This culminates in her being named Defender of the Earth after she sacrifices her life with the man she loves to save her planet. This arc continues into Series 4 and comes full-circle as she takes on the role of the Doctor in the finale.

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tagging this with spoiler tags in case anyone here is trying to avoid looking at hyrule warriors stuff?

gosh this made me feel kinda nostalgic, I used to make lots of zelda fancomics back when twilight princess was released